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Old art work

21 Jul

I stumbled upon these whiles looking through some old files on my laptop yeesterday, their from my A-level art project about 2-3 years ago! The bottles are inspired by the seven deadly sins, filled with different coloured liquids, each one has a picture of a gargoyle etched onto it with the name of the sin etched onto the back, then light shining through the bottom and the dress is made from paper !



19 Jul

Favorite items of clothing ❤

Initial costume designs for Lady Gaga

19 Jul

These are my initial designs for my ‘Lady Gaga’ project. My favorite part of any project we did in college is the designing and sketch book work.


Lady Gaga illustration

18 Jul

Lady Gaga illustration

So for the end of my college course we had to choose a theme and mine was lady gaga. This is my final design.